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Are you a Student looking for an Internship?

  • Internship is also known as Practical Training/Industrial training
  • It's a 2 to 6 months industrial attachment before YOU graduate
  • Good Chance for you to "Market Yourself", show employers what you can do, as a fresh graduate
  • Some may be a compulsory to go, but it's always encouraged even though your course do not require you to do so, the purpose is to let you learn the ropes to Building Career earlier

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Are you an Employer who is constantly on the lookout for people who can generate more profits, who think out of the box and who can multitask with minimal salary in order to speed things up ?

Dear Valued Clients,

Get an Intern Today

We bring you great news in Human resources - you can now recruit interns from a wide range of universities from Jobmarket. All you need to do is fill in this form and revert to us. When your account is activated, you can select interns from our pool of no less than 1,000 members

Internship IS an integral human resource management tool because: -
  1. You can identify a good employee way before he or she graduates
  2. Interns can be good resources when you have projects BUT insufficient manpower
  3. Social Corporate Responsibility matters to you and your company
  4. Internship can be Pre training before employment - thus, assist you in resource planning.
  5. Internship gives the opportunity to sample the quality of the undergraduates from various universities

Internship can initiate industry linkage with Universities in many new discoveries and research

Get an Intern Today!

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